We offer a wide variety of cookies perfect for gifts, treats, and parties. Cookies come in minimum orders of 1 batch (1 dozen cookies), bulk rates may apply for large orders of cookies. Contact us for more details or special requests. For more info about our baked goods, kitchen, or pick up policies visit our FAQs.

Mexican Wedding Cakes/Russian Tea Cookies: Balls of shortbread packed with walnuts or almonds and tossed in powdered sugar at $10/Batch, $11/Batch Gluten-free. Specialty flavors include Chai or Lemon at $12/Batch, $13/Batch Gluten-free.

Biscotti: Italian coffee biscuits—plain includes almonds or dried fruit in seasonal flavors at $15/Batch, $16/ Batch Gluten-free. Specialty dipped in dark or white chocolate at $21/Batch, $22/Batch Gluten-free.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Classic, chewy chocolate chip cookies at $18/Batch, $19/Batch Gluten-free. Specialty flavors include S’more, Mint, or Orange at $21/Batch, $22/Batch Gluten-free.

Peanut Butter Cookies: Chunky peanut butter cookies, criss-crossed with a sprinkle of cane sugar at $18/ Batch, $19/Batch Gluten-free. Specialty flavors include chocolate chunk and jelly print at $21/Batch, $22/ Batch Gluten-free.

Oatmeal: Soft, gently spiced oat cookies with or without raisins at $18/Batch, $19/Batch Gluten-free. Specialty includes trail mix or granola varieties at $21/Batch, $22/Batch Gluten-free.

Sugar Cookies: Classic, soft sugar cookies come in a variety of basic shapes and with or without glaze or sprinkles at $18/Batch, $19/Batch Gluten-free. (Inquire about available shapes and colored designs).

Gingerbread: Soft holiday spiced cookies in a variety of basic shapes, with or without glaze at $18/Batch, $19/Batch Gluten-free.

Jammy Dodgers: Jam filled, almond tea biscuits. Soft and buttery with a little peek of jam. Jam options include strawberry, raspberry, or apricot at $18/Batch, $19/Batch Gluten-free.

Snickerdoodles: Soft vanilla cookies with cinnamon and spice topping at $18/Batch, $19/Batch Gluten- free.

Red Velvet: Slightly chocolate, red ice box cookies with chocolate toppings at $15/Batch, $16/Batch Gluten-free. Colored with all-natural, plant-based food colorings.

Cake Batter Cookies: A take on sugar cookies, similar to sweet cookies made from cake mixes at $15/ Batch, $16/Batch Gluten-free. Your choice of colors from natural plant-based food colorings.

Coffee Cake Cookies: White cookies, topped with nuts and spices like a classic coffee cake at $18/Batch, $19/Batch Gluten-free.

Chocolate Crinkles: Crackled chocolate cookies, dusted in powdered sugar at $15/Batch, $16/Batch Gluten-free.

Double Chocolate Chips: Chocolate cookies, packed with chocolate chips or chunks at $18/Batch, $19/ Batch Gluten-free.