Everybody loves a cupcake—they’re great for impromptu treats, casual parties, and themed occasions. For flavor options visit the Party Cake Selection, nearly every Party Cake flavor can be modified into a cupcake. Contact us for more details or special requests. For more info about our baked goods, kitchen, or pick up policies visit our FAQs.

Cupcakes are the standard the standard 3” cake, $3/each and come in a minimum order of 6. Standard price includes a Chocolate or Vanilla crumb, standard frosting, basic design, and plain wrappers in the color of your choice (subject to availability).

Specialty Flavors and Gluten-free Cupcakes are $3.50/each, with a minimum order of 6.

Specialty flavors include a filling, a choice of specialty cakes, or frostings. Specialty cupcakes are also those with more intricate design options, toppings, and custom wrappers or liners. Custom designs to match your theme require a 2 week notice. Exceptions can be made if you already have the liners/ decorations you wish used.

Mini Cupcakes are a standard 1.5” cake, $1.50/each, with a minimum order of 12. Specialty Flavors and Gluten-free Mini Cupcakes are $1.75/each, with a minimum order of 12.