Pastries & Bars


Pastries and bars are great for brunch celebrations, meetings, and gifts. Pastries may come in season flavors. Contact us for more details or special requests. For more info about our baked goods, kitchen, or pick up policies visit our FAQs.

Croissant: Flakey rolled French pastries, plain or specialty with chocolate and almonds. Croissants require 1 week advanced notice. Minimum order of 6 pastries, $3/each plain or $3.50/each for specialty toppings. Not Available Gluten-free.

Danish Pastries: Flakey rolled dough filled with seasonal fruit preserves or cheese. Summer flavors include peach, cherry, cream cheese. Pastries require 1 week advanced notice. Minimum order of 6 pastries and cost $3.50/each. Not Available Gluten-free.

Scones: Flavors include Cranberry-Orange, Blueberry, and Strawberry-Lemon. Scones are $3/each for wheat or $3.5/each for Gluten-free and come in minimum batches of 6.

Muffins: Peanut Butter, Chocolate-Chocolate, Coffee Cake, Blueberry, or Lemon Poppy. Muffins are $3/each in wheat or $3.5/each Gluten-free and come in minimum batches of 6.

Cinnamon Buns/Sweet Rolls: Classic Cinnamon with a Vanilla Glaze and rotating Seasonal Flavors. Summer flavors are Cherry, Blueberry Spice, and Strawberry-Lemonade. Buns are $4/each and come in minimum batches of 6. Not Available Gluten-free.

Brownies and Blondies: Classic plain Brownies, softy and fudgey. Blondies come in Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter, or Lemon. Blondies and Brownies are $2.5/each in Wheat or Gluten-free and come in minimum batches of 6.

Full Sized Donuts: Plain or Chocolate (Cake only) with glazes and flavors including Chocolate, Vanilla, Maple, Berry, Blood Orange, S’more, Peanut Butter, or Mint. All donuts are fried. Fillings include fruit, cream, or chocolate cream. Donuts are $3.50/each raised or cake and come in a minimum batch of 6. Gluten-free donuts come in cake-style only.

Mini Donuts: See flavors above. Minis are $2/piece with a minimum order of 24. Churro Bites: Mini Spanish Donuts tossed in Cinnamon and Sugar. These mini bites come in orders of 24
large bite-sized pieces for $18. Not Available Gluten-free.

Malasadas (Portuguese Donuts): Smaller pillow-like raised donuts tossed with granulated sugar. Plain, Cream Filled, Seasonal Fruit Fillings are guava, pepper jelly, or strawberry. Plain Malasadas are $3.00/each or $3.50/each for filled flavors. Not Available Gluten-free.